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  3. Family finds comfort in baby boy after his mother is killed in SeaTac
  4. Mary Ball Washington: The Mother of George Washington and her Times (Illustrated Edition)

She was shot to death, but her seven-month-old infant survived and was found strapped to her car seat.

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Nine children were with their mother, Ms Dawna Langford, 43, when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle. Ms Langford and two of her children were killed. At some point, the attackers paused their gunfire, and that was when year-old Devin Langford "hopped out of the vehicle and grabbed his siblings, his brothers and sisters, and started running them over the edge of the road , hiding them and pushing them over the edge", Mr Kenny LeBaron, a cousin of Ms Johnson, told The Washington Post. The teenager hid his siblings in the brush and covered them with branches.

At about 5. Devin's return set off a flurry of alarm, according to frantic voice messages exchanged between family members obtained by The Post. The messages reveal confusion among participants about which children had returned to the enclave, but one fact was clear: The family was in trouble. Several men set out from La Mora on a rescue mission but didn't find the hidden children until 7.

NPR Choice page

While he was gone, Devin's nine-year-old sister, McKenzie, had worried that her brother had been away too long, so she went for help. It took the search party another two hours to find her, according to Ms Miller. Five of the surviving Langford children suffered some form of injury, ranging from a grazed arm to a bullet in the chest endured by an eight-month-old infant. They were eventually taken to a hospital in Tucson, according to Ms Johnson's cousin Leah Staddon, who lives in Arizona.

George Washington and the Slave Who Got Away

Devin, his uninjured six-year-old brother, and Ms Johnson's baby were all in the care of family in La Mora, according to Ms Miller. Though they were physically unscathed, their families have been irreparably wounded. And it is what sets us apart from most people I know. At their home in Little Italy, Nancy learned what it meant to dole out and call in favors, to serve a community and take care of constituents.

Family finds comfort in baby boy after his mother is killed in SeaTac

Nancy married her college sweetheart, Paul Pelosi, in , and the couple wasted no time: a year later, they had their first child. By the end of , they had five — four daughters and a son. There was no flood of stories about the impact being a parent had on Paul Ryan and John Boehner when they took the gavel. But if a House speaker spent a decade of their early life as a football quarterback or Navy SEAL, those years would certainly be mined for meaning and relevance.

She set up an assembly-line lunch station, where the children made their own sandwiches and packed their own snacks. One child cleared the dinner table and another immediately set out cereal bowls for the next morning.

Mary Ball Washington: The Mother of George Washington and her Times (Illustrated Edition)

Even as preschoolers, they were folding their own laundry. Pelosi devoted whatever hours she could spare to volunteering and fundraising for Democratic politicians. She was good at it, and eventually became chair of the California Democratic Party. Then a good friend, congresswoman Sala Burton, became sick with cancer.

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Burton called Pelosi to her deathbed and asked the longtime homemaker to run for her seat. Pelosi won the race, and in , as her youngest child was entering her senior year in high school, she headed to Washington.

Twenty years later she was sworn for her first term as speaker of the House. Her intellect and innate political skills certainly would have made her an effective leader had she never parented a single child. But Pelosi says that becoming a mom was as galvanizing as it was formative. This version of Nancy Pelosi would emerge not because of her own family, but in response to a fellow septuagenarian in the Oval Office. Having five toddlers or preteens or teenagers — all of which she had — really does prepare you for Donald Trump.

The face that gave Nancy Corinne Prowda flashbacks also appeared in the Oval Office in December, when Trump surprised Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer by starting a negotiation session over border security without first excusing the media. I am your mother, young lady, and you will not speak to me that way. Pat Schroeder, a former congresswoman from Colorado, recognizes some parenting tactics in the way Pelosi has interacted with the president. For some, she was too progressive. But Pelosi has spent decades — first at home and then in the House — eliciting cooperation out of rivals.

The shifting dynamics between siblings meant that you had to have a sense of harmony and you had to let every day be a new day and let everything be different. Pelosi brought her caucus together, imposed a limit on how long she would serve as speaker, and rewarded new members with plum assignments.

In the end, more than 90 percent of the Democratic caucus felt good enough about Pelosi to vote her back to the speakership. Nancy Corinne Prowda says her mom was always skilled at winning people over to her point of view.