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Even before he's blasted with the Revealing Mirror, he reveals himself to be evil by trying to kill Urii when his teammates and Red are away. In One Piece , Merry the butler survived an assassination attempt on his life. Also, Kaya's parents died shortly after he enrolled as a butler Though he probably would have killed them himself if they had lived on for much longer Although it's not murder in this case, and if he'd left things alone it would have left everyone in-character.

In Hellsing , if Sir Islands' suspicions are anything to go by, Walter Dornez - the Hellsing family's butler - had been working for Millennium way before he officially turned, and was responsible for the security breaches that enabled the Valentine brothers to get into the mansion and massacre most of Hellsing's staff; in fact, he may even have been complicit in what happened to Integra's father long ago.

It's also just a tad convenient that he gives Alucard a gun which is later destroyed by the Doktor via remote control. In Honoo no Alpen Rose , the Durant family has bot a butler and a maid. The butler is a good guy. The maid is a spy from a local Manipulative Bastard.

The Butler Did It

Katou didn't do many things but was responsible for driving someone else to do them. Until the end, where he snaps and stabs one of the main characters. And Ohatsu did not do anything But can't forgive herself for not doing what she should have done. Additionally, the Saikis are known in Tokyo for employing highschool and college-aged young men as a mix of boarding students and servants, sponsoring their education in exchange for their housework. To be fair the housekeeper did start out as a genuinely good person, but later was brutally tortured and ended up Brainwashed and Crazy.

Comic Books. The Outsider: All this time you were looking for who was behind this Shaggy: The butler did it! The butler did it!

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Velma: The butler did what, Shaggy? Shaggy: Ummm That's what he did! This is what sets the plot of The Aristocats in motion, pretty much. Butler Edgar is second in line for the fortune his wealthy mistress wants to leave to her cats, and so knocks them out with sleeping pills and tries to get rid of them. This being Disney, the kitties live, and then have wacky adventures before Edgar's comeuppance is delivered.

Also played within that the audience but not the characters knows it's Edgar right off the bat. Funnily enough, one of the characters even lampshades the trope , when Edgar's intentions are revealed: [panting] Duchess—kittens—in trouble! Butler did it The Buster Keaton film Sherlock, Jr. Reportedly, the old film The Mandarin Mystery. Clue only plays this straight in a fourth ending that was filmed but never used. Two endings are aversions and the third is a subversion: the "butler" was actually Mr.

Boddy himself in disguise, but he only personally murdered the singing telegram girl. No murders involved, but Fitzwilly takes this trope Up to Eleven by starring a butler who's a Con Man criminal mastermind. Subverted in that all the other domestic servants in the household also Did It. It turns out the butler strangled her. Moe even lampshades it in the short "Who Done It", where the stooges are detectives.

As soon as they get into the house they search the butler, Moe saying "The butler is always a suspect! Bensonmum: Tell me, as the only survivor, how did you deduce it was me? Sidney Wang: Went back to theory seldom used today: Butler did it. Possibly the first work to depict a butler who "did it" appeared in - when E. Phillips Oppenheim, at the time a well-known writer, authored a thriller called "The Black Box.

He gets the complete confidence of Lord Ashleigh, a rather gullible aristocrat of ancient lineage. Eventually, when Lord Ashleigh decides to send his daughter to study music in New York and gives her as a parting gift the Ashleigh Diamonds a priceless family heirloom , he sends along his trusted butler "to keep an eye on her". The tragic result is that once across the Atlantic, the butler proceeds to murder the girl and abscond with the diamonds.

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However, the nasty butler is no match to the dashing star detective Sanford Quest, who lays him by the heels after just a few pages. The true challenge comes from a lesser servant not a butler , who is implicated in various other murders and villianies, who is endlessly resourceful and slippery, and who leads the book's merry band of band of detectives on a wild chase all around the globe - which takes the bulk up the bulk of the plot. While they were never so common as popular belief holds them to be, they're not entirely nonexistent.

The Brothers Karamazov , while it is a bit more complicated, ultimately plays this one straight. The butler did it in the Sherlock Holmes story "The Musgrave Ritual", although in that case it's only theft, not murder, and not the mystery; the question is why he did it, and what happened to him afterwards.

It eventually transpires that he's dead, possibly at the hands of his accomplice.


The maid did it or at least let it happen. In The Hound of the Baskervilles , suspicion initially settles on the butler John Barrymore and his wife Elisa, but both are later shown to be innocent. What they are guilty of, however, is giving shelter and supplies to a fugitive — who turns out to be Elisa's younger brother Selden, a local Serial Killer.

Agatha Christie used variants of this a couple of times; in Sparkling Cyanide , the waiter did it, while in Death in the Clouds , the air steward did it. However, in both cases, this was one of the regular suspects disguised as a server. In Three Act Tragedy , the butler is the prime suspect, having disappeared soon after the murder. Turns out he did it , but he was one of the other suspects in disguise. Black Coffee , originally written as a play, has this ending.

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In the book adaptation, not by Christie, it's spoiled the moment it happens by outright stating, before the detectives even arrive, that the character placed the poison into the victim's coffee cup before giving it to him. One of Christie's short stories, The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman also employs this trope, except that in this case the "Butler" is actually a valet.

In Murder on the Orient Express , the Butler is one of the many people who did it. The butler, Mr. Rogers, and his wife Ethel are two of the suspects, but are two of the first victims. They're guilty of something else , though killing their former boss, a rich and sickly spinster whose meds they tampered with so they could inherit her estate , and that is why they got killed.

Ethel dies first and in her sleep since her husband pressured her into helping kill their old employer; Rogers is killed in a far more bloody manner awhile later. An interesting spin on this trope, as Chandler has John Dalmas changed to Philip Marlowe in some reprintings and the butler share drinks and a laugh over being the only "average joes" involved in the case.

Of course, that's over when Dalmas figures everything out. Invoked and lampshaded in The Beekeeper's Apprentice : Russell: [affronted] Are you telling me the butler did it? Holmes: I'm afraid it does happen. Live-Action TV. In All That , Detective Dan skit has a butler stealing in the background while the detective tries to find the culprit.

This is used in the Bones episode "Yanks in the UK", possibly just to use the line. On the other hand, it's arguably a subversion or deconstruction: The butler's confession conveniently stops the investigation into his employer's family and spares them the public scrutiny of a trial; he says he did it to protect the family's reputation, the family promises to provide him with the "finest legal representation", none of the cops present look convinced, and it's unclear if he in fact "did it".

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The Flemish series Buiten De Zone had a Hercule Poirot parody where the detective went on a long recap of the facts of the murder to a room of suspects, and ended up accusing the butler even though with each thing he said one of the people in the room started acting increasingly nervous, going as far as pulling out the murder weapon and miserably failing at discreetly disposing it.

Castle , after teasing a couple of times, finally gives us a straight example in "Secret's Safe With Me" , finally allowing Castle to say the phrase and have it be true. In the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "Random Acts of Violence", Nick is called to investigate who murdered the supervisor of a high tech company in the sealed computer room, with only three other employees in the floor outside. After thoroughly investigating them, he realizes that the real "murderer" is an AC repairman working in the room directly above the computer room, whom nobody had noticed.

He dropped his hammer accidentally, it fell through an air-vent, hit the victim fatally on the head, and was then retrieved by the repairman, who said nothing to keep himself out of trouble. Death in Paradise : One episode has a new bride shot with a speargun on a balcony of a high-class hotel. The killer turns out to be the butler for the floor, who mistook her for his intended target, one of the maids.