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Keywords: science educational models ; brain analogies ; visual languages in brain science. Article price:. Add to Cart. Rent on DeepDyve. Volume Issue 2. Export References. Otis emphasizes the interpretative contingency of techno-biological metaphors; the metaphor of the telegraph network for example, could be used to make differing arguments about the nature of the nervous system. Bunn, A. Lovie, Graham D. In the case of Weimar Germany, Anne Harrington describes this atmosphere of crisis in neurology as part of a more general preoccupation with a sense of crisis in various disciplines, a general movement against mechanistic or machinic explanations and a turn to phenomenology.

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Download e-book Reflexion: Konstruierte Gehirne (German Edition)

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Synonyms and antonyms of Brückenbauerin in the German dictionary of synonyms

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  1. BRÜCKENBAUERIN - Definition and synonyms of Brückenbauerin in the German dictionary?
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