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The Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society

Also, their religious literature was banned, in whole or in part, in various places. An organization of 7, Bible students was built up for distributing The Finished Mystery from house to house. Yes, this book was used by the United States government, then at war with Germany, to put the leading ones of the International Bible Students in Federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia. But in The Finished Mystery and the other six volumes of the Studies in the Scriptures ceased to be published, and they were replaced by new, postwar Bible-study aids.

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In fact, from onward reference was repeatedly made to Isaiah to prove that they must be witnesses of the Lord God during the remainder of their days on earth. Hence, this bestowal of a Biblically supported name upon them in seemed to come as a reward for having engaged in twelve years of hard Christian work since Never before has he given such a wage to creatures. The League of Nations was proposed as an instrument for preserving world peace and security. Such a reactivation of the International Bible Students in the religious field caused amazement and dismay in Christendom.

At that development, who murmured, and finally to what extent? Since the payment of it in the year they have used it with growing appreciation of its value. These have accepted the Kingdom message as preached by the anointed Kingdom ambassadors, and to date around a million of them all around the earth have separated themselves from Babylon the Great and are joining the anointed remnant in praising Jehovah God and his Messianic King, Jesus Christ. As soon as we can fill orders in these or other languages, announcement will be made in these columns.

It is being translated into four other foreign languages, and doubtless will be translated into many more soon. It is a great and wonderful honor to have part in wielding the sword now the message of truth that is binding the kings, rulers, nobles and systems of this world. All have looked for it, expecting the last coming into the truth would be classed equally with the first in receiving it. The parable shows that some would murmur and complain. In harmony with this parable we see some murmuring and rejecting Volume Seven.

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Such are not engaged now in the harvest, but are more particularly engaged in murmuring, in finding fault and in trying to hinder the work. Now will you avail yourself of this opportunity? Seven thousand of the friends were engaged in that special work. We are asking the classes everywhere to revive that organization and put it in proper form.

Rutherford said:. But if it hadn't been him, I would have been proud to take your hand. Erriba, like the rest of the forest, had been ravaged. Gervin could hardly believe his eyes. The friendly woods where he had often come to seek inspiration, to listen to spirits of wise trees and chat with the frivolous pixies, had turned into a landscape of death. Every single stream had dried up. The lakes had vanished, as if sucked from below by some insatiable creature of hell.

The leafless trees stood in shock, erect and with all their branches, not having yet realised they were dead. Gnomes, undines, elves, fairies, pixies, spirits of precious herbs, all had taken off, leaving behind them a parched ground devoid of any grasses. New crevasses were appearing by the hour, releasing noxious fumes that smelled like the filth of the Underworld and thickened the mists with dark, ominous hues. When Gervin arrived at the ford of Erriba, he saw from a distance a silhouette clad in the hooded, dark-brown gown of the Masters of Thunder.

He hurried, wondering which of his companions was waiting for him. But as he came closer, he realised that the man was too tall to be either Ran Gereset or Esrevin, or even Orest. Gervin was surprised. There were less than ten Masters of Thunder in the entire kingdom, whom he all knew well, and none as tall as this stranger. Yet the man wore the characteristic brown gown, and his energy was sealed with the unmistakable symbols of Thunder.

As Gervin approached, the broad-shouldered man pushed his hood back revealing a square face, short black hair and a short curly beard. Your master, Orest, sent me to meet you and take you where he is waiting for you in the company of Esrevin, Ran Gereset, and several of our brothers. Barkhan Seer looked like a man, but his features were incredibly finely wrought, and he shone with a light that felt strangely familiar.

One of the most spectacular had taken place six years earlier, in the mountains of the county of Perentie, when Gervin had been caught in an avalanche. Barkhan Seer's light had pushed him violently into a small crevasse, saving him from being crushed by a huge boulder that was rolling down the hill.

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But Barkhan Seer's interventions had not all been so dramatic. In many simple situations of daily life, his beautiful light had inspired Gervin and warmed his Spirit. And I need to speak to you, Gervin. Let us go. Gervin walked by his side, remembering the splendour that was Nadavan, and sending loving, pacifying thoughts to the rocks.

Plain yes, and yes, thank you.


And a knower of the powerful magic of the Ancient Days of the Earth. You will learn a lot from her, but first you will have to train her. Little Teyani, who lives far away in the western shores of the kingdom, is only nine years old. Shall I bring her to Eisraim? She will have to find the order of the White Eagle first, and join a temple where she will receive her preliminary initiations. This will probably take some years. Then she will have to find you by herself.

Of course, I will help her a lawful little bit. But the gods have insisted that she should first undergo certain trials that will fortify her soul and help recover the unique strength of character that was hers in former lives. As I have said, I will help, as much as the gods permit. Then you must teach her. Give her as much knowledge and power as you possibly can. And let her create a beautiful nest for herself and her Eagles in the temple of Eisraim. Barkhan Seer stopped walking. Pointing to Gervin's heart with the index finger of his large hand, he plunged his fiery black eyes into him and added, "And more than anything else, Gervin, be her friend!

Gervin, I am asking this from you as a personal favour: not just because of the Flying Dragons, but for me, will you please take care of Teyani? Surprised by the solemn tone of the request, Gervin closed his eyes for a second. I will take care of Teyani. The two men started walking again. For a long time they remained silent, enjoying the deep space of compassion which Barkhan Seer had created by not speaking an order but by humbly requesting a favour, and the friendship that Gervin had started by giving his word with total sincerity.

As they were passing a small pond which the beast of the Underworld had forgotten to suck dry, Barkhan Seer declared in a joyful voice, "By the way, Gervin, I will send you a present with Teyani! No doubt a present from Barkhan Seer would be special. Gervin frowned, slightly worried at the idea of all these children who were on their way to him. Reading his thoughts, Barkhan Seer burst out laughing. Breaking under their own weight, all the main branches had collapsed, leaving a shaven totem pointing to heaven like a finger in reproach. Barkhan Seer felt Gervin's grief.

But in one set of circumstances, I forgot to apply the holy principle. The past cannot be changed. Better think about building the future. Gervin thought of asking Barkhan Seer a question, but decided it was futile and kept silent, contemplating the carcass of a deer rotting by the side of the path. Bobros' black art had done so well that no birds of prey were left to clean up the dead meat.

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Directing his gaze to the other side of the path, Gervin saw more carcasses. One of them still stood on its four legs, so sudden had been the pounding of death.

Looking up, Gervin smelled the stench that hung in the mists. As he realised the question would not let go of him, he turned to his friend, "Barkhan Seer, knower of past, present and future events, would you do me a great favour?

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Was it bound to be, and planned by the Lords of Destiny, and wanted by the gods, that Marka should become a high priestess of Malchasek rather than Gervin's wife? Gervin pushed his lips forward and nodded. What Barkhan Seer had said, he already knew very well. But for some strange reason he felt better after hearing it.

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But in the desperate dryness of the forest, he found it impossible to cry. Barkhan Seer's presence of liquid gold came towards him. It did not erase the sorrow, but it added a depth of Spirit to it. Only the unavoidable changes that accompany the passing of time.

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Barkhan Seer had spoken with so much softness that Gervin immediately guessed. He stopped, closed his eyes and took his head in his hands, "Oh, no! You are not going to tell me that Orest is about to leave his body? Barkhan Seer put his hand on Gervin's shoulder, shining the infinite compassion of the Mother of the Light into him. He waited a few seconds and said, "Only a Great Sacrifice will stop the tidal wave of dark forces that Bobros the giant has unleashed from the Valley of the Necromancer.