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  1. Gary Ridgway - Early Life, Wives & Murders - Biography
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Sheen explained the real-life serial killer case that was particularly helpful in his Prodigal Son preparation:. The Green River Killer, a.

Gary Ridgway - Early Life, Wives & Murders - Biography

Gary Leon Ridgeway, is a serial killer initially convicted of 48 murders, which he committed by strangling. Back in , news broke that Michael Sheen had written a screenplay for a crime thriller feature based on the story of the Green River Killer, and was slated to direct and star as the killer as well. While the feature has not yet released, the research for one project evidently came in very handy for a project Michael Sheen could not have seen coming a few years ago. Based on his comments, viewers shouldn't expect "The Surgeon" to be interchangeable with the Green River Killer, but research on one serial killer is an advantage in playing another, even if the other is fictional.

That said, Michael Sheen did find a documentary about an English serial killer who also happened to be a doctor.

Gary Ridgway

Sheen explained:. I also watched a couple things that were particularly useful, there was a documentary about the British doctor Harold Shipman, [which concerned] the idea of how a doctor, someone very trusted in the community, very loved, very respected, very admired, could also be doing these terrible things. And also, there was one that was useful about watching someone who, whilst being in prison, then kind of tried to reclaim a relationship with a daughter and grandchildren, and that was interesting as well.

Very useful. So, folks who tune in to Prodigal Son on Fox don't have to wonder if the stars did any digging into serial killer psychology to bring their characters to life. Tom Payne and Michael Sheen found their inspiration in different ways, and it should be interesting to see the nuances they're able to bring to their characters for the new series.

Prodigal Son airs Monday nights at 9 p. ET on Fox. Product Images. Brand: Generic Similar products from Generic. KSh -. Add to cart. Have one to sell?

Click here to list your product. You can take it along yourself to a picnic and it will come in handy to get rid of distressing and irritating mosquitoes Place your order on Jumia Kenya and have it delivered to your doorstep. Portable It is light and can be carried when traveling. I woke up in dirt under overpasses.

I begged for change. I ate rotting food out of trash cans.

IPA Green Killer

Like other homeless kids, I came from a background of abuse. My stepdad had been a registered sex offender, and a parade of pedophiles had walked through my life. By the time I left home it may have looked safer, but the damage had been done. On the streets I felt I had a fighting chance—not just to survive, but to define myself. This was in the early s, when a serial killer called the Green River Killer was murdering homeless girls and women up and down the West Coast. Despite dozens of victims, the police had been sluggish to react.

One night I got into a truck with a man.

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I did this, sometimes, to survive. There were few programs at the time for homeless children.

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There still are not. I was hungry. Food, as we all know, costs money. There was only one way to get it. The man looked like all the men in the cars—he looked ordinary. But ordinary men, I had discovered, could be the most dangerous of all. His eyes were hidden behind dirty glasses.

One Chicago Barely Wins Wednesday, The Little Mermaid Swims And More In This Week’s TV Ratings

He wore a jacket and plain trousers. He drove me out of the skid row area, into the industrial area outside downtown, far away from where the men usually stopped. The streets there were empty. As the abandoned buildings passed, my fear grew. I thought of the girls who had gone missing and turned up dead. Living on the streets, you become numb to fear.

It is hard to discern one horror-filled moment from another in such a jumbled up, red-hazed nightmare. But in that moment I woke up to life.

Morbid Minute- KILLER Green

And because I knew I was at risk, I suddenly realized my own life had value.